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The Latest in Virtualisation

JEM Computer Systems can bring virtualisation to your front door!

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NEW! JEM Managed Services
Accountability and reliability...

The JEM Managed Services package is now available!

Managed Services provides our support team with detailed information and powerful proactive monitoring tools that identify issues before end-users are affected.

Clients already utilising JEM Managed Services have identified reduced on-site costs and less interruptions as they are no longer waiting for issues to occur.
The service marks a significant gain to the wealth of information available about their systems via our on-demand auditing and reporting capabilities.


What can I gain from JEM Managed Services?
* Reduced on-site IT costs
* Improved support efficiency and response times
* Issues identified before affecting end-users
* Scheduled or on-demand auditing and reporting
* Monitoring of servers, workstations and network infrastructure
* Improved system management
* Improved remote accessibility


NEW! Purchase a Domain With JEM
Domain registration and DNS records...

Looking to purchase a new domain name to improve your online accessibility? Missing domain renewals or are unsure that you're being charged correctly for the domain?

Speak to the JEM sales team about your options.

We currently host over 100 of our clients' domains and our prices are extremely competitive. We work with you from the original purchase till the final implementation and explain the entire process as it unfolds.




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domain portal and begin setting up your new
domain  with JEM!

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