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Data Recovery Services

JEM office data recovery services in-house and will attempt to restore any lost data...

Data Recovery

The fact is, all computer hard drives will eventually fail - some faster than others but the outcome is inevitable.
Computer hard drive failures are a result of physical or logical damage associated with old age, human error, technical malfunction, electrical faults or corrupted software.
Most hard disk drives also contain moving parts and are susceptible to failures resulting in the loss of critical data.

JEM offer data recovery services in house and will attempt to restore any lost data. If this process is unsuccessful we will eliminate the hassle by facilitating the process of data recovery with a 3rd party.

Importance of Backups

Our suite of market leading support products provide us with efficent methos of remote access to ensure that we can be there when it really counts.

Disaster Recovery

An organisation is only as good as its record keeping - this statement is a critical point in disaster recovery as records can be lost with less than a moments notice. This can be caused by any number of events: power failure, hardware failure, accidental deletion, fire, theft and acts of nature.
Our team of skilled engineers can tailor a backup and disaster recovery plan to suit your business requirements and objectives. We work with you to incorporate an IT systems recovery into your BCP (business continuity plan) or create one from scratch.

Backup Solutions

JEM have backup solutions that can take backups of any system as frequently as every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
These backups can be recovered onto different hardware or even into a virtual environment within a short space of time.

Automated Offsite & Online Backups

We have an offsite solution for clients of all shapes and sizes, allowing offsite replication of backups...

Offsite Management

Constantly changing backup tapes and taking them offsite each day can become tiresome, cumbersome and costly. JEM’s secure offsite backup is the automated solution to this problem.
Hosted within a secure Sydney data centre, we have an offsite solution for clients of all shapes and sizes, allowing offsite replication of daily backups.

Primary advantages of offsite and online backups:
      •   Reduced or no hardware requirements
      •   Drastic cost reduction (no wear and tear)
      •   Unlimited backup and restoration
      •   Reliable email notifications
      •   Disaster recovery testing
      •   Virtualization support
      •   Data security and redundancy
      •   24hr, 7days access

"Local" Offsite Backups

Customers with larger backup requirements can often take advantage of their own multi-site environments and replicate offsite without the need for external services.
JEM’s team of experts are here to design a cost effective backup solution that meets user and data requirements.

Disaster Recovery & Data Integrity

Whether the data is on your USB drive, home computer or business server - the risk of data loss needs to be assessed...

Disaster Planning

The integrity of a business’ backup solution is paramount to executing a successful disaster recovery plan. A failed backup in the event of a disaster can be the difference between a business being able to operate and complete failure or bankruptcy. Whether the data is on your USB drive, home computer or business server - the risk of data loss needs to be assessed based on data importance.

Our backup and disaster recovery systems ensure that the data can be used in “hardware independent recovery”. If a disaster recovery plan was to be invoked we could simply use any Windows PC, server or virtual environment to setup a temporary operating environment until a permanent solution is available
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