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IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)


A major concern for any business investing in technology is whether it will keep pace with innovation. The risk of hardware becoming obsolete or not catering to competitive demands is real.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a fully outsourced and customised computing option that reduces capital expenditure as it can be recorded as monthly OPEX payments (rather than the traditional CAPEX outlay), and provides agility and scalability. JEM can tailor IaaS cloud packages that meet customer requirements, providing access to our powerful servers, storage, network, backup and IT expertise.

Centralised Anti-virus

Cyber attacks are a constant threat to businesses. Malware evolves rapidly and attacks are targeted and fast – over 300 million new malware variants were identified last year alone meaning companies need intelligent, layered security.

JEM’s antivirus solution provides peace of mind by protecting against advanced threats at an attractive price-point. Our hosted antivirus customers pay for only what they use on a monthly basis, with no registration or subscription costs. Benefits include scalable and always-on comprehensive protection, fast deployment, managed software updates and a proactive support team that react to infections as they occur.

Managed Wireless

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi is a necessity for efficient businesses and an expectation for an increasing number of public venues.

JEM offers both on-premise and cloud based managed wireless solutions. Our cloud based offering is a sustainable and competitive alternative to installing and operating a network in-house. Our cloud wireless solutions can be merged into existing customer environments, scaled as required and controlled, monitored and upgraded from anywhere in the world, via the Internet or a private IP network.

Email Filtering

JEM’s email filtering service acts as a gateway protecting against email-borne threats and data-leaks. This customisable layer of protection drastically reduces the amount of spam, viruses and malware in both inbound and outbound emails. In the event of an unforeseen outage, emails are queued and automatically resent when the system comes online. All users have access to an online portal to manage quarantined mail to ensure messages are not missed.


We’ve done the research so you don’t have to and only recommend products we know add value and improve productivity. Microsoft Office 365 is designed for today’s flexible workplace with applications that allow you to create, edit and share from all operating systems and facilitate collaboration with sharable file storage, shared calendars and HD video conferencing making collaboration between teams easy whether they’re in the same office or on the other side of the world.


Providing public Wi-Fi improves customer service and provides a valuable tool to engage with and learn about your customers.

JEM can leverage your Wi-Fi offering for marketing, sales and analytics opportunities. Anonymous device tracking using location services means you can provide advertising, special offers or real-time updates while also gathering customer intelligence and insights. To keep things running smoothly, our intelligent network and monitoring performance platform predicts and troubleshoots network faults as they happen.


Unlike IaaS, colocation allows our customers to own and control their own server(s), through storing them in our secure and climate controlled Sydney data centre. JEM provides rack space with access to high bandwidth connectivity and power. We don’t lock our colocation customers into long-term contracts, but provide a range of flexible options from connectivity to managed and un-managed data centre services.

Domain & DNS

When you run a business, you have more important demands on your time than searching for domain names, though protecting your company name and online branding is important.

JEM can purchase and centrally manage all your domain names in one easy-to-use console to ensure they don’t accidentally expire. We also offer secure and reliable DNS hosting for all domain names, regardless of whether they’re hosted by JEM, so that your emails, website and remote access will always be up and running.

Offsite Backups

Are you still dealing with the daily tedium of changing backup tapes and taking them offsite? We provide a better way to ensure your precious data is secure with offsite backup solutions that meet government, regulatory and risk compliance standards. Replicate your data to our secure Sydney data centre with the peace of mind that we constantly monitor and regularly test our systems to ensure the integrity of your backups are maintained.

Disaster Recovery

Not having the ability to quickly recover from a disaster can be costly and stressful. Our tailored backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure that if a disaster recovery plan needed to be invoked, we could have your environment back to an operational state within minutes in a remote operating environment until a fail back event is invoked or permanent solution is available.

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