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Mitel’s MiVoice Business is easy to implement and manage and suitable for organisations ranging from 5 to 65,000 users. As an authorised Mitel Partner, JEM offers both cloud and on-premise business phone solutions. We can provide expert advice on the benefits of both options and make recommendations based on the needs, size and structure of your business.

Workplaces today are more flexible than ever and we understand that technology needs to cater to those demands. Many of the Mitel IP systems we implement are virtualised within the customer’s infrastructure.

This industry-first software is used with handsets only, enabling remote and mobile workers and removing the need for maintenance-heavy physical phone systems. This provides the additional benefit of being highly available and hardware independent; the only maintenance required is for the existing virtual environment. JEM offers the option to purchase handsets outright rather than on a monthly subscription, further reducing ongoing costs.

Mitel’s MiVoice Business applications and benefits are broad, ranging from suitability for businesses with one location or multi-site, the ability to select up to eight different devices or numbers to be grouped, routing of calls to the device users are logged into whether it’s while hot desking or outside the office and unified messaging providing access to messages anywhere, anytime.


Whether you’ve already connected your phone system to take advantage of Voice over IP technology, or are evaluating the benefits of upgrading either by choice or removal of copper lines, JEM can facilitate your incoming phone connectivity. SIP – or Session Initiation Protocol – has the ability to transform the way businesses handle their phone traffic by making voice calls over a data network.

The NBN rollout is necessitating the removal of many old copper lines; making SIP the only option in many regions. If your business has been impacted, JEM can provide solutions for customers with both hosted and on-premise phone systems, with scalable levels of redundancy to meet your requirements.

As a natural next step in the progression to cloud-based platforms, SIP has a wide range of benefits including high quality of service, reducing call costs, unifying communications and enabling geographic growth. It can also be connected to older phone systems (excluding IP) using an Integrated Access Device (IAD) to convert to a standard digital signal. Our engineers recommend business-grade services that, unlike NBN services, come with SLAs attached – without which customers can find themselves offline for days. We also provide the option to have SIP delivered through two locations, enabling seamless service even if one location fails.

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