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They say that you’re only as good as your tools and at JEM we understand that each business has unique and individual needs. We recommend only the latest notebooks and desktop workstations from top tier manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and tailor our solutions to the user’s current business environment while providing scope for three to five years of growth.

Server & Storage

Future-proof your business with JEM’s server and storage solutions. We recommend hardware from top tier manufacturers, all with manufacturers onsite warranty and SLAs suited to your business requirements. We’re confident our server and storage will provide your business with years of power, reliability and options to scale while also guaranteeing that your data will be backed-up and protected. Our highly skilled team has extensive experience with complex server design, migrations and integration projects.

Peripherals & Software

You need it; we can get it. We can source almost any IT peripherals that our customers need such as printer toner, keyboards and mice, network and graphics cards. We can also source and supply just about any software package required by our customers. We supply from a wide range of vendors such as Microsoft, VMWare, StorageCraft, Veeam and Zerto.

Enterprise Wireless

JEM’s SMB and Enterprise Wireless options deliver unprecedented performance and reliability.

Our engineers have integrated wireless networks into environments including corporate offices, registered clubs, hotels and public hotspots. These deployments have ranged from one access point to centrally managed multisite with hundreds of access points to high density such as football stadiums. Our enterprise wireless solutions provide advanced features, high security levels and enable wireless IP phones to roam seamlessly all while taking care of your bottom line with our competitive costs.


Imagine the bottleneck that would occur when six lanes of traffic try to merge into one. Now multiply those lanes and imagine the highway is your organisation’s network. JEM specialises in the design and implementation of converged networks, network separation and multisite connectivity, streamlining your networking infrastructure.

UTM (Unified Threat Management)

Businesses are using more devices than ever, making it vital for companies to have comprehensive protection. JEM can integrate next-generation UTM technology across your wired and wireless networks to protect against malware, spam and intrusion attempts while providing content filtering with a single firewall package.

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