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Technical Services

We doubt that dealing with day-to-day IT issues is what inspires you to go to work each day. The opposite is true of JEM’s dedicated team who thrive on solving IT challenges and ensuring your business critical systems are operating as efficiently as possible. We have teams dedicated to remote technical support, managed services, proactive monitoring and solutions design. We also have a highly skilled and certified onsite technical team that can work with your in-house IT team or manager.

Our technical services options are flexible; outsource a specific component on an ongoing or ad hoc basis or trust us to take care of your whole IT infrastructure.

Project Management

Our extensive experience in IT project management and dedication to meeting budgets and deadlines has made us a trusted partner for countless companies. We’ve supported customers with seamless IT transitions throughout office relocations, redesigns and even complete rebuilds and refurbishments in the case of clubs and hotels. Our team will plan, coordinate and manage big or small projects whether it’s a large-scale deployment (such as complete replacement of IT environments) or an infrastructure upgrade.


We have an experienced team of technicians available to provide consulting services. Our support levels range from over-the-phone advice on the differences between software or hardware vendors, to detailed meetings to analyse IT options, develop budgets and create plans and solutions to business problems. Our consultants have worked on large construction projects such as hotels and site re-developments where we’ve assisted with planning and implementation of enterprise wireless, clean power with central uninterruptible power supply, networking and telecommunications, data and electrical.

It’s not just what you know, but who you know and we have associations with a wide range of vendors. This allows us to develop a depth of knowledge on their products including pros and cons and updates on new product development. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ in IT, we use this product knowledge to create completely tailored recommendations to suit our customers’ current needs while taking into account future growth.

Systems Integration

Technology is constantly evolving and advancing, leading to a complex layering of IT systems as companies make changes or additions to keep up with business requirements or equipment improvements.

JEM is committed to working with our customers as well as their external partners and suppliers to integrate all systems into a reliable, fast and secure network. We will act as the middleman between all vendors to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Solution Design

At JEM, our approach is to consider the solutions first and the products second. With an overwhelming array of products in the market, there will inevitably be more than one way to achieve your IT objectives. Our engineers take a big-picture look, assessing not just your budget and current business environment but your projected growth in size and geography, internal IT resources, your industry’s competitive demands and market trends. These elements help us design a variety of solutions.

We have applied our solution design strategy to complete ground up solutions to value-added, budget friendly upgrades. Our team has many years of combined experience working across numerous industries to provide the best solution to meet your requirements.

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