Preventative Maintenance

JEM Computer Systems offer a schedule of monthly maintenance to your servers, workstations, backups and computer network infrastructure. One of JEM Computer Systems' experienced technicians will perform a range of tasks to these components to ensure all of your systems are up to date, protected and operational. These tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • Checking backups and running a test restore - ensuring that in the event that a disaster or data loss occurs you are 100% protected.
  • Applying security updates and service packs
  • Physical hardware checks to all hardware components - a clean computer helps ensure longevity
  • Performing system cleanups, particularly to workstations that can be easily bogged down due to day to day usage

JEM’s Preventative Maintenance is focused on maintaining the life of computer equipment and at the same time making sure they operate at their optimum performance. We understand and appreciate that some businesses operate 24/7 and as such our support, service and maintenance programs can accommodate such requirements.